Hollands Welgaren boeklancering

Hollands Welgaren boeklancering

this post is about the book launch of my new Dutch knitting and crochet book Hollands Welgaren, therefore written in Dutch.

Volgende week is het zover: de lancering van mijn nieuwe boek Hollands Welgaren op zaterdag 28 november van 13.00 tot 16.00 uur bij het Wolplein inspiratie centrum. En jij bent van harte uitgenodigd!

Het belooft een heerlijke middag te worden met heerlijke taarten naar recept uit het boek, alle projecten zijn aanwezig om te bekijken en aan te raken, je kunt je boek laten signeren door mij en er zijn goed gevulde goodie bags voor de eersten die het boek meenemen. Je komt toch ook?

Lees meer details en bekijk een sneak preview van een paar projecten op de blog van Wolplein. Mocht je er niet bij kunnen zijn volgende week, je kunt Hollands Welgaren ook online reserveren zodat je als een van de eersten je boek in huis hebt, op tijd voor Sinterklaasavond bijvoorbeeld…

Een heel goed weekend en tot volgende week!

November 20, 2015 2 comments

Hollands Welgaren Book

Hollands Welgaren Book

Well hello my dear blog readers. I have been planning to start blogging again for a couple weeks now, but thought it would be best to come back to this dear online place with some smashing news: the cover of my new book ‘Hollands Welgaren; haakmomenten en breigeluk’. It will be out in 3 weeks, covering crochet patterns as well as knitting, even some sewing and recipes. Basically the creative lifestyle as I see it and try to enjoy as much as I can. What that looks like in a book, you would like to know? Well, picture yourself in your kitchen, baking a delicious pie. Once it’s ready you’ll get it out of the oven with your potholders, put the pie on the placemat you made, and enjoy it all while wearing your cozy cardigan. All hand sewn, knitted and crocheted items you can find the patterns for in the book, as well as the recipe to bake the pie. Simple daily life pleasures, which can also be very thoughtful gifts.

Let’s go back in time a couple months and let me explain how I got to make this book. Last Spring the Dutch country lifestyle magazine Landleven decided they wanted to do a book on needle crafts; mainly knitting and crocheting. They searched and found me, seven months pregnant at the time. Of course I was very honoured they selected me as the author to write this book, however timing was off to say the least. They were very flexible, we made agreements and I started designing. Our ideas about the content of the book aligned really well, and I decided to go for it. The past couple weeks were intense; finishing my second ‘baby’ of this year while taking care of the first is basically what it felt like. But it’s done and I am proud it all worked out.

I am delighted to be given the chance to make a book about the lifestyle I currently have, love and treasure. A bit of slow in this fast world we live in. To celebrate the beauty of seasons, use high quality yarns, make simple patterns that are very accessible and not too complicated, yet surprising here and there with intricate stitching. There’s a lot of pictures to show off the beauty of nature, country life and the matching designs. Suggestions for different versions of the projects are given, as well as multiple colour ways for some projects.

When the book comes out I know I will be tossing and turning, hoping there will be no pattern mistakes, pieces missing or confusing you, my dear readers. And then I realize I am human, therefore make mistakes sometimes and can’t be perfect. But still, it is probably more difficult to write a second book than it is to write your first. This is by all means not the follow up of my first book Puur Haken; it’s much more than crochet projects and looks and feels very different in a literal way. Style wise I hope you’ll recognize it as creJJtion.

Enough said, let’s see for yourself! Save the date for Saturday November 28 at the Wolplein inspiratie centrum where the book will be launched. We are prepping for a very fun gathering with fabulous goody bags, delicious treats and great prizes to win. More about that soon, as well as some sneak peeks in de coming weeks with some of the projects. Hollands Welgaren is available for pre-order here.


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