Back At It

Back At It

Days, weeks, months have passed without me blogging. Half a year has passed since my last blog post. It just happened.

And here I am, realizing I miss blogging. Instagram is by far my fav app on my phone, but I know now it doesn’t replace my blog. The story telling, ‘real camera’ images sharing, your lovely comments and the weekly schedule – I miss it all.

In the past months, basically since Annabel was born 9 months ago, priorities in my life have shifted majorly. Upside down I’d say. My world is different now and I am trying to find the new me as a working mom. What does she look like, what does she do? More than ever before I want to make those precious working hours worth their while. If I am spending time without my girl, it better be on something totally fun and good in all possible sorts of ways. Does this make sense to you at all?

Well, in my search for this new working mom version of myself, I’ve spoken to a lot of people and listened to their advice. I am still not sure where this new road is taking me, but I do know I want to incorporate my blog again. It is where this creative journey started 5 years ago, and going back to basic feels good. Taking pictures with my big camera again, getting inspired and letting creative juices flow.

Besides that there’s a new English book in the making and it will keep me crazy busy for another four weeks, read more about it on the Simply Crochet blog. There are exciting workshops coming up with Hollands Welgaren projects. And I recently found out that I am actually capable of designing fitted garments for babies. As a result my hands are super itchy to crochet up Summer dresses, cardigans and other cuteness for Annabel. And of course share those patterns, just like how I got into blogging years ago: doing what I love and sharing that with you.

Here’s to new energy, inspiration, Spring, change, and setting priorities. Let’s catch up and continue with this creative journey! See you soon.

xo Maaike

April 14, 2016 30 comments
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