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About Puur Haken; my first book with crochet patterns. It was released in 2014, crochet books were popping up everywhere after years of hiding, I had no idea what to expect. At the start the publisher believed in it more than I did, and as we were working on the book I got more confident. Writing that first book was a huge job, I clearly had no idea what I got myself into and just ‘kept on swimming’. I was lucky; the hard work paid off and the book was a success.

Even more so, I am proud to say Puur Haken is up for an official reprint this Spring! The first five prints sold out completely and the publisher suggested a reprint since it is still a book customers ask for.

In the past few years since Puur Haken came out a lot happened; online pattern sales flourished even more and I am happy to announce the 4 most popular patterns from the book will become available online through Etsy and Ravelry in the run up to the reprint. In Dutch only, and I will explain why.

Even though Puur Haken isn’t translated yet, the publisher is hopeful a translation may happen in the future. To make sure individual pattern sales don’t interfere with possible book sales, the online patterns will be available in Dutch only. However… just as with the patterns in the book, there will be a diagram and/or chart with every online pattern. If you happen to be comfortable with those, the patterns will be accessible to you without having to buy the full book in Dutch. Is that great news or what?

The first of four patterns will be released next Tuesday, keep an eye on the blog!


February 7, 2017 1 comment

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  1. mrs robinson says:

    Well done with the success of your book! I keep hoping that I will be able to buy an English version one day, but maybe I should just go for it and rely on those diagrams…

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