Back At It

Days, weeks, months have passed without me blogging. Half a year has passed since my last blog post. It just happened.

And here I am, realizing I miss blogging. Instagram is by far my fav app on my phone, but I know now it doesn’t replace my blog. The story telling, ‘real camera’ images sharing, your lovely comments and the weekly schedule – I miss it all.

In the past months, basically since Annabel was born 9 months ago, priorities in my life have shifted majorly. Upside down I’d say. My world is different now and I am trying to find the new me as a working mom. What does she look like, what does she do? More than ever before I want to make those precious working hours worth their while. If I am spending time without my girl, it better be on something totally fun and good in all possible sorts of ways. Does this make sense to you at all?

Well, in my search for this new working mom version of myself, I’ve spoken to a lot of people and listened to their advice. I am still not sure where this new road is taking me, but I do know I want to incorporate my blog again. It is where this creative journey started 5 years ago, and going back to basic feels good. Taking pictures with my big camera again, getting inspired and letting creative juices flow.

Besides that there’s a new English book in the making and it will keep me crazy busy for another four weeks, read more about it on the Simply Crochet blog. There are exciting workshops coming up with Hollands Welgaren projects. And I recently found out that I am actually capable of designing fitted garments for babies. As a result my hands are super itchy to crochet up Summer dresses, cardigans and other cuteness for Annabel. And of course share those patterns, just like how I got into blogging years ago: doing what I love and sharing that with you.

Here’s to new energy, inspiration, Spring, change, and setting priorities. Let’s catch up and continue with this creative journey! See you soon.

xo Maaike

April 14, 2016 30 comments

30 comments on “Back At It”

  1. Arianne Schenkelaars says:

    Wat leuk, weer een blogbericht. En wat een positief, enthousiast en creatief bericht, vol ideeën ! Heel veel succes met het vormgeven van alle creatieve plannen! Ik blijf het natuurlijk volgen, groetjes,

    1. Maaike (creJJtion) says:

      Dankjewel Arianne! xx

  2. heidi hendriks says:

    YAY maaike wat leuk en wat een prach-ti-ge foto! wow zo leuk jou energieke post,

    1. Maaike (creJJtion) says:

      Dankjewel Heidi, zo lief xx

  3. ByPastries says:

    Wat leuk om weer wat van je te lezen!
    Ik geniet van je stukjes en foto’s. Heel veel succes met je Engelse boek! Ik ben benieuwd!

    1. Maaike (creJJtion) says:

      Dankjewel, zo spannend het Engelse boek! xx

  4. annelies says:

    Lovely post ! I am really curious to see your new designs and your upcoming book !
    Becoming a mother is life-changing experience. It is like my little on (he is now 8) recently said to me when we had a discussion : ‘you have choosen to have me, so deal with me, on good days, and also today, when I am a VERY difficult boy’. He is right :)
    Happy spring, happy hooking, happy mothering, happy enjoying life :)

    1. Maaike (creJJtion) says:

      Hey Annelies, dankjewel, goed om te lezen. En geweldig verhaal van jouw zoon! Wat een slimmerik. Happy x4 yourself too! xx

  5. Melody A. says:

    I love to read your blog and see your beautiful crochet work, so I am thrilled you will be writing a bit more often. New babies cause a major shift in almost everyone’s life so 9 months is about right to start finding yourself again. I look forward to seeing where you are going!!

    1. Maaike (creJJtion) says:

      They say 9 months is the turning point, and I guess my body and mind are working exactly according to the books :). Thank you! xx

  6. petra says:

    hey Maaike,
    leuk om weer een blogbericht van je te zien.
    ik ben benieuwd naar je nieuw foto’s en je plannen.
    maar blijf ook veel van en met Annabel genieten want voor je het weet is ze groot.


    1. Maaike (creJJtion) says:

      Hai Petra, wat lief van je dankjewel. We genieten enorm van Annabel, het is een geweldig vrolijk kind, zo leuk om haar erbij te hebben! xx

  7. Sigrid says:

    Welcome back!
    I totally understand what you’re saying. My world turned upside down when my little girl was born too. She’s now 10 years old, so I’m totally used at being a mum :-)
    I’m looking forward to your new creations and I hope blogging gives you lots of joy!
    Take care,

    1. Maaike (creJJtion) says:

      Hi Sigrid, good to read you’re recognizing this; it’s an amazing experience! xx

  8. Stel says:

    Great to see you back!. Instagram has it’s great moments, but reading a blog is different. One blogger I follow said she was going to follow the “slow blogging movement” and rather post daily on IG…couldn’t get those two together ;-)
    Babies change your life forever and in so may ways! All for the better.

    1. Maaike (creJJtion) says:

      Haha I totally get your point Stel, I don’t see those two together either. It feels good to find a new balance again. xx

  9. Ana Lado B says:

    Good to have you back in the blogosphere. Your works are absolutely gorgeous and we miss the shares and the images that delight our eyes. Best wishes ;)

    1. Maaike (creJJtion) says:

      Aw thank you so much Ana, that’s great to read. Have a lovely weekend! xx

  10. Sandra Paul says:

    Oh yes, there’s nothing like a little Bubba in your midst to make you see the priorities and just how very precious time is! I found it a big adjustment too and I wasn’t juggling a work from home job at the time so hats off to you Maaike, you are doing so well! I’m sure it doesn’t always feel like it to you but you always seem to be an oasis of calm and take everything in your stride. I shall definitely be looking forward to reading your blog posts again and seeing your beautiful makes and photos – always so inspiring. Good luck with the new book too – what a super star!

    S x

    1. Maaike (creJJtion) says:

      Thank you so much darling Sandra, that’s wonderful of you to say, I am blushing here. I am very glad I can send that calm into the www! Would love to catch up with you irl and try some circular needle sock knitting. Who knows… xx

  11. Maaike, it is great to see that you are back! Shall look forward to seeing your new posts and your new book. Belated congratulations on the birth of your daughter – such a special time and wonderful that you are able to combine working from home and caring for your daughter (though having done it myself I know just how demanding that is).

    1. Maaike (creJJtion) says:

      Thank you very much Karen, it is demanding and beautiful at the same time indeed. High five to you for doing it too! xo

  12. Oh yes, it’s such a change, isn’t it? But it becomes the new normal soon enough and you will amaze yourself with how crafty you become at getting things done quickly and in those little pockets of time available to you. It sounds like lots of exciting things are on the horizon for you – wonderful news!! x x x x

    1. Maaike (creJJtion) says:

      Hi Kirsty, well compared to you I am such a newbie haha. You’re mastering a job, family life with 4 AND blogging and sewing, seriously you must have 34 hour days down under… It’s the Sunshine Coast effect, isn’t it? For real, I admire you big time. xo

  13. Welkom terug Maaike. Ik was al een hele tijd een stille volger, maar dat is vanaf nu anders. Ik ben in het bezit van beide boeken die je uitgaf en juist uit het laatste boek, Hollands Welgaren maakte ik al de gehaakte sjaal, de mega-onderzetters en nu pas twee vaatdoekjes. Ik ben nog lang niet klaar met dat boek. Allemaal even mooi. Je hebt er een fan bij hoor. En ik ben blij dat je weer gaat bloggen, want dat miste ik van je…
    Fijne dag,

    1. Maaike (creJJtion) says:

      Hai Mirjam,
      Wat ontzettend leuk om te lezen dat je zo enthousiast bent over Hollands Welgaren! Het klinkt prachtig, al jouw projecten. Een heel fijn weekend, liefs Maaike

  14. Ellebel says:

    Heerlijk om hier weer je blog posts te kunnen lezen, Maaike! Het is altijd weer genieten van je mooie plaatjes, zo inspirerend! Wat super voor je dat je internationaal gaat met een nieuw boek!Wordt alweer nieuwsgierig ;-) Geniet er allemaal maar van en van je kleine meid natuurlijk!
    x Ellebel

  15. mrs robinson says:

    It is lovely to read you blogs again… and a future book – how exciting!

  16. Wat heerlijk dat je er weer bent – heb je inspirerende blogs ècht gemist! Klinkt fantastisch waar je allemaal mee bezig bent – volgens mij heb je Maaike 2.0 al weer gevonden, hoor! Liefs, Marianne xx

  17. antonella says:

    welcome back! I love to read about your crochet work …. and your blog is one of my favorites! …

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