Crochet Pattern Diamanti Blanket

many thanks to Ilaria for the Dream Big image, taken in the beautiful baby room

And there it is, live and kicking: the Crochet Pattern Diamanti Blanket made with Annell Malmedy wool. You can find it on Etsy and on Ravelry, in US terms, UK terms and translated to Dutch.

The story of this blanket goes back to last November, when darling Ilaria and I met in Eindhoven. Two bloggers excited about yarn, living close to each other had to meet, right? Well, we made plans for a project together right away. She picked the yarn, I picked the colors and started designing. We all know Ilaria is very much up to date with interior trends, so I wanted to come up with a design that matches her interior design style. I choose diamonds, and because they are called “diamanti” in Italian (where she is originally from) the name for this blanket was easily chosen.

After finishing the blanket there was some yarn left, and I couldn’t resist to make a matching mama-set of Diamanti fingerless gloves and cowl. I was pleased to see she really loves the entire set and uses it regularly in the still Winter-like Dutch weather these days. Please stay tuned as I will upload the crochet patterns for the mama-set in the coming weeks too.

I hope you’re as excited as Ilaria and I are about this Diamanti pattern set and will enjoy making it as much as I did! The possibilities with colour variations are really endless, and to feed your creative thoughts, you can find lots of gorgeous colours in the IDA yarn shop and get your yarn to start crocheting right away! Ilaria will upload a special yarn-kit for this blanket and set in a couple weeks too. I will of course let you know when it’s up.

Exciting times ahead! Please enjoy the pattern by clicking here or here and crochet your diamond-heart out!
Happy Sunday xo

March 1, 2015 9 comments

9 comments on “Crochet Pattern Diamanti Blanket”

  1. Becca says:

    This is beautiful! Love the colour palette and texture.

  2. Lovely! Make another one in pink, white and black… And another one in Yellow, white and black and soon we have English Confect going!!! Love the popcorns! Or bobbles! WHatever. They are 3D!!!

    1. Maaike (creJJtion) says:

      I know Annette, it is so so tempting to make a whole collection of these…

  3. You mention that size adjustments are in the pattern… what sizes are the instructions for? I would really like to make this into lap size for an adult.
    thanks in advance for your help.

    1. Maaike (creJJtion) says:

      Hi Gerda, the size adjustments are for any size, they give you the requirements for increased stitch count width and length and possible adjustments in size of yarn used. However if you would like me to help you with specific sizing, I can assist you with that. Thanks, Maaike

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