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We are already past the first half of January; how are you doing on your resolutions for 2017? Is opening an online shop one of them? In that case, I have something interesting for you.

Did you know my author adventure initially started with opening an Etsy shop? Back in 2012 I got the first request for my patterns through my blog and email. That’s when, after a couple months of doubt – Can I do this? – Will people buy my patterns? – How to price them? – I took a big jump and opened up shop. I knew from the start it would be an Etsy shop instead of a stand alone shop on my website, just because they are so professional and support sellers so well. In the past years Etsy has proven to be an ever evolving and growing platform, listening to buyers and sellers to improve their services.

This may sound like an encouraging promotion talk, and it is, but I sure would never write this to you if I didn’t mean every single word of it. From my own experience in the past couple years I can highly recommend opening a shop on Etsy, whether it is to sell your hand dyed yarns and craft supplies, your knitting or crochet patterns, or your finished hand made items. And, to make it even more easy for you now, Etsy offers a program supported by experienced Etsy sellers, to guide you through the process of opening up shop and uploading your first items. Tips on taking good photo’s, how to connect with other sellers on Etsy, customer services and more.

And, in case you needed any more encouragement; you can win a €250,- Etsy gift card if you open your Etsy shop now! Let me know through a comment on this blog post, Facebook or Instagram if you’re opening your shop and following the program, starting January 27. Send me the link, and you’re in the draw for this gift card. Winner will be announced towards the end of February, when the program is finished.

The Etsy Resolution program is a great opportunity to open up shop and learn from the best! Are you in? Start here!

xo Maaike

January 20, 2017 5 comments

5 comments on “Etsy Resolution”

  1. Tajana says:

    This is interesting and encouraging indeed! I have just started some accounting classes to improve my knowledge about the fiscal aspect of crafting and selling (and more..). I’m far away of telling that I know what I have to do but it is helpfull indeed. So are your words. So thank you so much!

  2. Elma says:

    Hoi Maaike, ik heb me net aangemeld via etsy. Ik heb al een etsy shop, die ik jaren geleden heb geopend, maar ik denk dat deze veel beter kan. Nu ik op het punt sta om een nieuwe shop te openen, met totaal andere producten, wil ik het deze keer graag beter aanpakken en ben dus heel geinteresseerd in het programma!
    Groet, Elma

  3. Maggie says:

    Oh come on now! Etsy listens to its users? Really? Have you read the forums where they just mute anyone who says anything they don’t like or totally ignores people’s concerns without answering them? Its quite shocking actually. I have never opened a shop after spending some months on the forums and seeing the discontent there. The customer service is poor and it is very hard to get a meaningful response from etsy.

    Also, they have moved so far away from their original ethos of supporting the handmade shops and have tons of factory stuff on there. People notify the company about all the ‘resellers’ but they remain just the same. There are loads of us who would never set up a shop there and I try to buy off site too if there is another option for the seller.

    Etsy stopped being true to themselves such a long time ago. Very sad but they abandoned the small maker in favour of the big money makers. Millions of shops means people get lost in searches. Most successful people bring their own traffic through their own hard work promoting on blogs, podcasts etc. Otherwise they would remain unseen and unknown.

    I’ve had items sold to me as handmade but it turned out they were just part of a production line. The sellers also used to be stellar and the customer service second to none. That can also no longer be taken for granted as these days it is much more like ebay, something which is very hit and miss.

    1. Maaike (creJJtion) says:

      Dear Maggie, I agree with you Etsy has grown to a super large platform and it is hard to find every little shop when you search for ‘crochet pattern’ for example. And it is true that sometimes you will only find these hard working little shops through their other social media accounts. To me this is inevitable to the larger platforms online, all of them are growing by the day and it is a free choice of every seller (and buyer) to be part of that or not. However, I hope Etsy will look into the forums not being answered, I will show your concerns to my contacts at Etsy. Also, shops without a decent level of customer service is sad, but I know from my own experience Etsy has a very good system for tracing those shops through customer complaint services. Sorry to read this all leads you to be so negative about Etsy, I hope a future experience will show you differently! xo Maaike

  4. Martina says:

    I’ve signed up for Esty Resolution, thank you it was the push I needed to finally open shop. Excited for my first email on the program. What is your advice to open a shop prior to the emails or go through all thier advice first? Thanks again ~Martina

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