Finished Baby Blanket

Yay, pictures of a finished baby blanket! After finishing the blanket rather quickly, it took me twice as long to get through all those 370 ends. With some projects I tend to weave them in per motif, however with this blanket I just kept on crocheting. But, no whining, because it’s done!

The blanket has a rather dense structure, which I think will make it a perfect stroller blanket for not so cold walks. There is after all no wool in this yarn; Bergere de France Sonora is what I used in a large variety of colours. Since our girl will be born in Summer this blanket may be perfect for the first couple months. Time will tell, but at least I love how the colours work together and how the squares turned out based on the pattern from this book.

Next up is the matching mama shawl according to Sandra‘s gypsy shawl pattern. As I work up the triangles, my mind wanders off to how to lay them out for joining. How many rows? What width? What to do with the colour lay out? I will keep you updated on how this progresses.

Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead, hopefully with lots of sun and crochet, preferably combined.

April 16, 2015 11 comments

11 comments on “Finished Baby Blanket”

  1. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Stel says:

    It came out beautiful, Maaike.

  3. Marijtje says:

    Hij is prachtig!!

  4. mrs robinson says:

    Beautiful! Lovely gentle colours…

  5. lucie says:

    I love your baby blanket. A lovely choice of colours.

  6. Alina says:

    So beautiful and fresh looking!

  7. Patricia says:

    Prachtig gemaakt! Mooie kleuren. Daar zit een hoop liefde in.

  8. It looks so beautiful, I love it!

    S x

  9. Sandra says:

    Wat een mooie deken, daar gaat jullie dochter heel erg blij van worden. Wat zal die lekker slapen…
    Groetjes, Sandra

  10. Pauline says:

    I really love this blanket. It has inspired my to do one for my new niece. P x

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