Flower Inspiration Tuesday (1)

Even though I didn’t blog, I did take tons of pictures the past couple months. My colour-matching eyes never take a rest, haha. So I plan to share some colour themes with you over the next couple weeks, mostly flowers and yarns. With these I aim to inspire you in two ways: for one, to look around your own habitat and train your selective eye to match colours for your yarn projects. They will match your interior perfectly – bonus! And two, to get some colour combinations ready for you to use.

This first post of Flower Inspiration Tuesday is triggered by hyacinths, their water colour pastel theme and their beautiful scent. Although you have to imagine the scent yourself when looking at these images. Today’s inspiration comes from 1) structures and 2) greens.

1. Structures
The yarns I selected today are left overs from Catania cotton and samples from yarns available worldwide through Scaapi, for selected retailers have a look at their website. By combining these you get an intriguing palette of not only colours, but also structures. Matte non- mercerized cotton, shiny bamboo and Catania cotton, and fluffy wool. As long as you select yarns that recommend about the same hook or needle size, you will be fine combining these in one project. Watch out for washable items though, the care instructions may vary.

2. Greens
The last picture, combining greens and pinks, is my favourite. Fresh and bright, though very natural and calming. A Spring favourite!
When getting inspired by flowers yourself and selecting a colour palette based on them, try and add a colour matching the leaves and greens too. It can be the perfect touch to your project, for example to join flower coloured granny squares with. Get the picture? Please let me know if you have any questions about selecting your yarn palette.

Have fun and enjoy colour matching! xo

July 19, 2016 4 comments

4 comments on “Flower Inspiration Tuesday (1)”

  1. anuk_pl says:

    Lovley color inspirations! I love colours! :)

  2. anuk_pl says:

    Lovley color inspirations! I love colours!

  3. Janice says:

    I love all the color just beautiful with love Janice

  4. mrs robinson says:

    Such pretty inspiration!

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