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A couple of months ago Ioana contacted me. She came across my blog through Maaike and contacted me based on my love for natural yarns. Her story immediately caught my attention and we decided to meet. Only when we started talking, I realized her yarn business is not even a year old. It is so professional, well thought through and impossible to not love. In my opinion very special for a new yarn manufacturer! To know more about the story behind the yarns and get inspired, have a look here and I highly recommend to listen to this.

The all natural Moeke Yarns collection currently consists of two wool fibres; Elena and Stela. Both are not twined but spun and have a hand spun look, they are crocheted with needles and hook size 3,5-4,5 mm. Elena is the creamy one, there’s more meters on a skein and it’s a little more smooth to work with which allows for more skin-touching projects than Stela. Stela is a mixed wool, a little more grey and lovely too. Perfect for cushion covers, outer wear and boot cuffs for example. Both yarns appear beautifully both knitted and crocheted a you can see on the tutorials and patterns page.

I am attempting to make another set of fingerless gloves, just to be able to compare the yarn to the others I’ve used so far. The Elena yarn I am using is not dyed and therefore the original lanoline is still with the wool, it makes the yarn a little creamy like sheep wool if you know what I mean. It is lovely to work with, like a natural hand cream. I will share the finished gloves with you once they’re done and update you on how they hold and feel when wearing.

By now I can image you’re curious to try some of these yarns yourself. There are some skeins left in the Moeke yarns shop and otherwise find retailers here.

What’s next? Ioana and her family in Romania have exciting plans for this Summer, they hope to find a Merino flock to add a third yarn to their collection. Also, they are planning to do samples of natural colour dyes on a larger scale. I can hardly wait to see what’s coming this Fall!

Thank you Ioana and your family for your wonderful initiative to bring new life to the Romanian wool business, working with only natural products and traditional production processes to keep the heritage alive. I truly appreciate what you do and hope you’ll continue to do so for a long time, for all of us to work with your beautiful yarns that come with an amazing story.

February 4, 2015 2 comments

2 comments on “Moeke Yarns”

  1. Alina says:

    I’ve found out about Ioana listening to Woolful podcast and immediately fell in love with her story, vision and, of course, yarn. I love to see it in crochet!

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