New Stonewashed Yarns

Oh the joy of new yarns. Like cupcakes but way better for my waistline. I want to touch them, stroke them, almost take a bite. Especially when they are as soft and yummy looking as the Stonewashed yarns from Scheepjewsol. I am joining the bandwagon rather late, after seeing this beautiful yarn popping up everywhere online. For example have a look at the beautiful Jasper V, designed by Nerissa. Or at this fabulous beach bag, designed by Wink. Clearly the possibilities with this versatile yarn are endless!

I had to get started with it myself too, and the first impression is very good. Lovely and soft yarn, showing off very well with US single crochet stitches. Quite sturdy, not so stretchy, quite easy to unravel, and almost behaving like a hand dyed yarn due to it’s structure with a firm natural coloured 78% cotton on the inside, fluffy coloured 22% acrylic on the outside. Acrylic is normally not a fiber I like to work with, but in this combination it is totally fine.

Rather new is the Stonewashed XL yarn, same fluffy feeling and texture, though a little larger and worked on hook size 5mm. A little more stretchy on the hook, too. I am in the mood for a new square design, preferably with a little bobble here and there to show off the beautiful texture of this yarn. I fiddled and played, but think I have found the right combination of stitches now. Starting two projects in once is not always a good idea, but let’s see what comes from this. Can you guess what’s in the making with Stonewashed and with Stonewashed XL?

August 14, 2014 15 comments

15 comments on “New Stonewashed Yarns”

  1. What a lovely yarn, I must check it out. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Stel says:

    Oh, but it does look beautiful!

  3. Lisanne says:

    Prachtig en super mooie foto’s! Liefs Lisanne

  4. handmadebec says:

    Just beautiful! I saw we can get it in Australia via Deramores, I think I will have to try it for myself, the colours are lovely.

    1. Maaike (creJJtion) says:

      yes you can Bec! It truly is a lovely yarn, both to work with and to look at when finished. xx

  5. anuk_pl says:

    Beautiful colours and pattern! :)

  6. Lovely yarn and such gorgeous squares: lovely design, really!
    Marianne xx

  7. Ingrid Kopka says:

    Hi Maaike,

    I just mentioned about your book on my blog:

    I have made a start on the shawl!!! :)

    And yes, Scheepjeswol Stone Washed is my favourite yarn of this summer, I got all 16 colours and have been making many things with them already – this is my favourite thing I made so far:

    (a jute shopping bag which I covered in Granny squares!)

    Ingrid xx

    1. Maaike (creJJtion) says:

      Thank you for the link Ingrid, the start of the shawl looks beautiful! xx

  8. Hi Maaike
    The yarn looks divine. Love the stonewash effect. Takes a project to a completely different level. Love what I see, makes me crave a coffee and cookie. Is it a pillow cover in the making maybe?

    1. Maaike (creJJtion) says:

      Hey Annette, it is beautiful indeed. Yes, a cushion! And a kid’s poncho :). xo

  9. The colours are beautiful!!! xx

  10. Heleen says:

    The yarn looks gorgeous, I plan to try it some day soon too! First I have to finish ‘a couple’ of other WIPs though ;-)
    Just guessing, but I think you’re making a scarf with the ‘normal’ stonewashed and a cushion cover with the stonewashed XL!
    Can’t wait to see your finished products ♥
    (will we be given the granny pattern?)

    xx Heleen

    1. Maaike (creJJtion) says:

      Hi Heleen, haha yes, same here with the WIP’s. Your guess comes pretty close; it’s a kid’s poncho with the regular Stonewashed and indeed a cushion cover with the XL! And yes, pattern is on it’s way :) xx

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