Little Hearts - creJJtion
Little Hearts
Little Hearts
Little Hearts

level 1: beginner

hook size: any size that matches your yarn

any yarn

stitches used: slip stitch, chain, US single crochet, US double crochet, US treble crochet

this is a perfect project for left over yarn bits and pieces, you could add a few hearts to a crocheted gift from the same yarn

size depends on the weight of the yarn you choose

Little Hearts

note: the images are oriented for left handed crocheters. click on the images to enlarge them

1. start a loop
2. round 1: chain 4
3. close loop by pulling yarn through the first chain
4. round 2: all worked in chain-circle. first stitch: yarn over- pull yarn though loop – 3 loops on hook now – pull yarn through all 3 loops in once


5. it will look like this now
6. double crochet: yarn over before you insert hook in the chain - pull though- yarn over – pull through 2 loops on hook – yarn over – pull through 2 (all) loops left on hook
7. triple crochet: yarn over 2 times- pull hook through loop- yarn over- pull yarn through 2 loops – yarn over – pull yarn through 2 loops – yarn over- pull yarn through 2 (all) loops left on hook
8. it should look like this now

9. double crochet
10. two times single crochet
11. double crochet
12. triple crochet (like in number 7) round 2 is now half-way


13. now repeat number 4 to 12 in reverse: double crochet – 2 times single crochet – double crochet – triple crochet – double crochet – stitch as in number 4
14. insert hook in middle of the heart
15. yarn over and pull loop through
note: if this little heart is the perfect size for you, finish it off with 7 chain stitches, as done in step 24
16. round 3. this round consists of single crochet worked into the stitches of the first round. start with instering hook in first stitch, yarn over, pull through, yarn over, pull through

17. in the first stitch, one single crochet. in the following 3 stitches, 2 times single crochet, to be able to make that circle of the heart stay round
18. it should look like this now
19. in the following stitches, until the treble crochet, use one single crochet in every stitch
20. before going back on the other side of the heart, in the triple crochet below, make two chainstitches, followed by one single crochet, to make the angle stand out


21. it should look like this now
22. again use single crochet in the following 3 stitches
23. make 2 single crochet in the following 3 stitches to create a smooth bow, single crochet in the last stitch
24. to finish off nicely, insert hook in middle of the heart, yarn over, pull through loop on hook, chain 7


25. Tadaa! your crochet heart


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