Miami City Newborn Baby Blanket
Miami City Newborn Baby Blanket
Miami City Newborn Baby Blanket

level 2: beginner with a little experience

hook size 3 mm

Catania 100% cotton

stitches used: slip stitch, chain, US single crochet, US double crochet, US treble crochet

the blanket measures about 77×48 cm, 31×19 inches

Miami City Newborn Baby Blanket

The Miami City Newborn Blanket is the perfect personal gift for that special baby in your life! It is a wonderful blanket, both to make and keep, or give. Made with classic colours, suitable for all seasons.


  • clear row by row description in US crochet terms or in Dutch
  • all kinds of extra tips including clear images about changing colour and weaving in ends

This pattern is available for instant download on Etsy. To open the PDF file you will need the Adobe Reader software.


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