Pebble Stone Throw crochet pattern

There’s a new pattern in town! The Pebble Stone Throw crochet pattern is now available for you through Etsy and Ravelry.

It is one of the largest throws I have made, and by far the quickest. With hook size 12 mm it was so much fun to do and the yarn was racing through my fingers. I don’t know about you, but out of all projects, blankets and throws will always be my absolute favourite. It is hard to explain what makes them so satisfying to make. May be it is the comforting result? The calming rhythm of going back and forth in rows? The feeling of the half-finished blanket warming up on your lap? Either way, I love it.

The Pebble Stone Throw features, of course, pebble stone bobbles to keep you on your toes while going back and forth on your rows. The finishing touch, the tassels, are really the cherry on the throw cake; so much fun to make! There are videos on Instagram and Facebook for you to watch. The throw is made with hook size 12 mm and the super bulky Bravo Big yarn; the largest yarn I could find locally. It makes it a very chunky, yet stylish and surprisingly soft throw. Perfect eye catcher for your interior, but also a great family blanket or play mat for kids. Don’t you just love a versatile project like this?

The story behind this throw has everything to do with my private life. We, as a little family now with our girl and dog, are ready for a new home. We decided to say good bye to our Amsterdam apartment and will put it out on the market in a couple weeks. We are cleaning, painting a couple walls and I am in charge of styling. The best job if you ask me, haha. This throw is now in Amsterdam, just sitting pretty in the apartment, waiting patiently for it to sell, and then the throw comes home with us to our new place.

So, if you are looking for a nice bright apartment in Amsterdam, let me know. And in the mean time; happy throw crocheting! This is a project you will love, both making and having. Hands down.


August 3, 2016 9 comments

9 comments on “Pebble Stone Throw crochet pattern”

  1. Arianne Schenkelaars says:

    Wat een lovely styling! Succes met de verkoop!

  2. Judith says:

    Wat een leuke deken Maaike! Ik ga hem maken:dik garen, dikke naald, ideaal! Succes met de huizenjacht (ik dacht dat je in de buurt van Eindhoven woonde)! Groeten, Judith

    1. Maaike (creJJtion) says:

      Hi Judith, wat leuk! Ja klopt, ik woon in de buurt van Eindhoven :)

  3. mrs robinson says:

    This looks so cosy… Gorgeous! I to like making blankets – knitting or crochet. Though maybe finishing the few on the go would be a good idea before I am inspired to start another!

  4. Hello my lovely
    Congratulations on moving home! How exciting. It is now really happening!!! YAAAY! And what could be better than to add a new throw to it. Love it!
    I’ve never worked with chunky yarn like that before. Must be incredibly satisfying as it must work up so quickly. On my to do list… Like so many other things.
    Good luck on sale of apartment and enjoy the styling of your new place. Looking forward to see more of your future home soon! :)

  5. Penny says:

    Gorgeous pattern, love the colour and styling of the project!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. HI, I would love to have the pebble stone throw crochet pattern in English. It is lovely and my daughter would like to have one for Christmas! Also, a yarn recommendation is appreciated. I live in Kingsville, Maryland, and I often shop at a craft store called Michaels, or A.C. More, or Joann’s Fabric store (all chain stores here in the Mid-Atlantic section of the USA). Any help is appreciated. You have an amazing gift–thank you for sharing it!!
    Blessings, Jackie Hutcheson

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