starting 2017 in Hygge

Snow has fallen, it finally looks like Winter here and in all of Europe according to the news report. Winter is my favourite season and snow just completes it. In three weeks we will move to our new home, renovations are in full swing. After years of renting, we are finally building our new home. It is ours and we are putting all of our efforts and love into it. Creating a space to feel at home, for our girl to grow up, for our dog to sleep by the fire… My heart fills with warmth when I think of it.

I am taking a break to write to you in a close-by cafe; paint on my hands, latte by my side, view on the snowed parking lot and bare trees. Frank Sinatra through the speakers. I am sitting here by myself, writing my first blog post of 2017, I am comfortable in anonymity and it feels good.

2017 started off well business wise. A month ago I called out for a local cause to donate my left-over yarns and was overwhelmed by the response; so many people referring to each other, thanking each other, such a good and lovely vibe. Last week I decided to split up the yarns and give to a lady who lost almost everything in a house fire, a group of enthusiastic women building a social yarn community, and a hospital that makes warm hats for patients suffering from cancer, and offering them to learn how to knit and crochet and get their minds off their worries. It feels so good to know these yarns are now played with, becoming something useful instead of sitting in my attic doing nothing. And don’t worry, there’s plenty of yarns left for me to play with ;).

This is also the month my third book will launch; 9 Months To Crochet can be found in US and UK stores now, as well as online. It is my first international book and I am equally nervous and proud. Talking about books; there’s a lot going on behind the scenes which involves translations and a new book or may be more…

All in all, I am entering the new year very busy and excited. Busy making our new home, working on books, and excited to see the new book launch, excited to move and find peace and calm in our new home. And excited to learn that my life-long desire to create a moment of calm and peace for myself and my loved ones, helping strangers, whether it’s a new home or a place to write a blog post in turbulent times, whether it’s here, in Canada or in Sweden, finally has a name: Hygge. Presented as a Danish way of enjoying life, cosy, moments with friends, family and good food. Preferably without modern technology, enjoying nature, a fireplace, candle light, warm blankets… Crocheted and knitted goods complete the picture for me. There’s lots of definitions of this way of life, a couple of them are to be found here on my Pinterest board if you’re interested. I believe Hygge is what you make of it and how you interpret it. There’s many variations and it can mean different things to you or me.

For once Hygge is a term I totally resonate with. I feel it, I am happy to have found a word for something I long to enjoy and create always. And with the start of the new year,  I plan to share with you my Hygge moments, tips, ideas, and of course how to integrate yarn and crafts. Because we all deserve some Hygge in our lives these fast paced days, don’t you think?

Here’s to a beautiful, calm and Hygge full 2017.

xo Maaike

January 7, 2017 4 comments

4 comments on “starting 2017 in Hygge”

  1. petra says:

    hallo Maaike,

    spannend allemaal nieuw huis,nieuw boek en ik hoop voor jou soms nog een beetje rust bakje koffie beetje haken…..

    liefs Petra

  2. Caroline says:

    Wat een leuke dingen allemaal voor jullie zeg!
    Gezellig dat je ons laat meekijken / meeleven op je blog☺.
    Wens je alle Goeds toe voor 2017!
    Dat we nog maar lang mogen meegenieten van jouw prachtige talenten☺.

    Lieve groet, Caroline.

  3. Melody A. says:

    congratulations on getting an New House, How wonderful and exciting !! as all your work is so lovely , I know your new home will totally reflect that as well. I wish you joy and good health and prosperity in the New Year , love your books. from Iowa, USA

  4. mrs robinson says:

    I love the photographs… such beautiful colours. Look forward to seeing more of your new home. It is somehow comforting to know that there is now a widely acknowledged word for the home and environment we try to create. Have a hygge new year!

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