Week 36 – 2016

Summer holidays are over, we had an amazing time in Oslo and the Swedish country side. I enjoyed visiting the cute yarn shop Pickles of Oslo, got some super bulky yarn for a future blanket. Some more Swedish and Norwegian yarn came home with me, I’ll leave that for a separate post. But now it’s back to blogging, back to designing, back to work. We are lucky to have a beautiful end of Summer with warm temperatures and that beautiful golden September sunlight. Soaking it all in before the rain and cold weather arrives…

How are you? Getting back into the swing of things too? I don’t know about you, but being away for a couple weeks always results in a new perspective of home and daily routines for me. This time it is definitely about the home in general; we are ready for a new house to make our home. The coming weeks, hopefully not months, will be spent house hunting, decluttering in prep for the actual move, and decision making. Not my favourite thing to do, but it feels good to move on. It has been 3 years since we came back from Canada and it’s time to start fresh as a family.

Work wise, I am happy to have finished writing and designing my new crochet book, to be published in January 2017 in the USA and UK. It’s a bit too soon to reveal more of that now, but I am very excited to have my first publication coming up in English. More about this new adventure in a couple months.

On Thursday I will reveal some exciting news about the croissant shaped pattern I have been working on the past couple weeks. All I can say for now is a few key words: crochet, merino wool, Winter and Wolplein. Enough teasing for now, just prepare for a picture overload on Thursday!

Have a lovely week and good luck on getting back into daily routines,

xo Maaike

September 6, 2016 2 comments

2 comments on “Week 36 – 2016”

  1. Alina says:

    What gorgeous skeins of squishy yarn you have there!!! Love it! Wish you a happy move and congrats on finishing a new book! What an achievement!

  2. Your images are very beautiful So now I want to see Sweden and Norway:)

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