Winter going on Spring

It is only February just yet, serious freezing weather is coming up later this week in The Netherlands, but Spring is in the air. And if not in the air, at least it is on people’s minds. I see it on Instagram, there’s Easter candy in grocery stores, and I see some of you hooking and knitting with whites and other pastel colours; totally gives me that Spring feeling. Let’s say ‘winter going on spring’.

There’s nothing wrong with prepping well ahead, is there? Spring is a lovely mood, and I got some hyacinths to strengthen the feeling.

All I need now is a matching knitting and crochet project; let’s dug something up from those moving boxes around me here. Of course I carefully left those boxes out of the pictures; who wants to be reminded of all that work? After getting the flu the day after our move, this week I am on the mend and husband and I managed to unpack a load of boxes last weekend. Give me a couple more days, but I feel that yarn crafting itch coming up and I’ll share my projects with you.

Have a lovely week! Are you in the pre-mood for Spring yet?

xo Maaike

February 6, 2017 3 comments

3 comments on “Winter going on Spring”

  1. Arianne says:

    Fijn dat je al goed gesetteld bent, de laatste dozen komen vanzelf. Ben benieuwd naar je nieuwe projecten vanuit de nieuw woonomgeving, nog steeds vlakbij,

  2. Moved in. Recovering. Unpacking. Adding spring scent to your new home an dyes, lets dig out the spring yarn!

  3. mrs robinson says:

    Looking very pretty and springlike. I’m still happy to cosy up with this wintery weather, and appropriate wintertime knits!

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