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My name is Maaike and I design creJJtion. A crafter at heart since the moment I could hold a pencil, as a little girl my parents allowed me to try about every sort of craft. From drawing and painting to origami, paper was definitely my first love when it comes to craft materials. That changed when yarn came in to my life in 2009. My aunt got me into knitting, I loved learning how to make cables and fair isle patterns. The big craft crush from my youth hit me again and in 2010 I learned how to crochet. Boy that was tough, it took me weeks to get the hang of it. But when I did… I was unstoppable ever since. Many blankets, cushions and shawls later, beautiful yarns and crochet or knitting techniques still do not fail to excite me.

Thanks to another family member I started blogging and taking note of my makes in 2010 as creJJtion; this is a merge of my family nick name JJ, pronounced in Dutch as yay-yay, together with my never ending urge to create. After a big move to Canada in 2011, I ended up drastically changing my career from strategic consultant to designer and blogger. My online pattern shop opened in 2012, and I got the honourable title of Craft Editor for the online Gatherings Magazine around the same time. Right after we moved back from Canada in 2013 I was approached by the Dutch publisher Kosmos, and I am proud and thankful to have had my first book ‘PUUR haken’ published in August 2014. In November 2015 my second book Hollands Welgaren; Haakmomenten en Breigeluk came out through Edicola. And my latest book will be published January 2017 in the USA and UK.

The Netherlands is where I grew up. I have a masters degree in Psychology, left a piece of my heart in Canada, and currently live in The Netherlands with my husband, my darling girl Annabel (born 2015) and our chocolate Labrador Floyd, in a charming little village close to Eindhoven. I prefer to work with 100% natural yarns and love materials that come with a story of socially responsible production, natural dying or recycling in any way. Inspiration for my makes comes from the world as I see it during daily dog walks, in interior design magazines and cook books, as well as travels and flowers.

I hope you will enjoy this beautiful creative journey with me!

xo Maaike